Tuesday, March 08, 2011

My sisters visit - Mid February

Well, I realize that this happened a little while ago, but things have been hectic around here between sewing, and then starting work in the greenhouse and everything else. No time for fun, namely blogging.. and I quite miss it!

Since this was a few weeks ago, I'm going to have to think hard, but since I have some hilarious pictures I'm going to post those first and get the story that goes with them up on here first of all!

So anyway, whenever we have company they sleep on the air mattress in the office. So us girls went out there to make the "bed", and Brit was laying on the mattress and didn't want to move so Janita and I decided that we would put the sheet over her.

As you can tell it was a bit of a challenge to keep it that way :) Oh the good times we sisters have!

After supper, we had popcorn, with Vanilla Root Beer in the martini glasses :) and then later cake.. yup we were celebrating Janita's birthday.

yes it was Valentine's weekend so of course we had a yummy cake.. :)

Tons of fun that weekend, and lots of new great memories were created!  Love you sisters! <3

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