Thursday, April 01, 2010

Alberta: Trip too and then the first day there!

Well since I haven't posted anything on my Alberta trip yet I figured I should probably start at the beginning of it all!!

So we had decided that if we left on Tuesday night after work that would get us in AB around 2:00 am technically 1:00 am PST for us. Which wasn't to bad. Granted that we could leave Sunnyside at about 3:30-4:00ish. In the end both John and I took off of work early and we were on the road slightly after 3:30 which was faster than we had expected, but both of us without telling eachother decided that we would like to be done work at 2:45 instead of 3:00 that day, which worked out well! Driving at night isn't always the coolest thing, especially not after you've both worked a good day and are kinda tired from that, but at least that saved the cost of a hotel and/or not arriving as soon! We got to Cranbrook and I told John was had to stop at Tim Horton's which he already knew, I stocked up on and Ice Cap and Medium 1/2 French Vanilla 1/2 Coffee. Ice Cap to wake me up right then and the coffee for later so I would get nice and cozy and warm when I quit driving!

Over the trip.. well John drove for the first 3 hours, then I drove over the border, and into Fernie. From Fernie to "home" John took over again. The other thing you find out about driving in the dark after having special headlights in "my car" the ones that John had are so dim it isn't even funny :( So I told him that we needed to get that changed LOL :) Which we did btw..Anyway.. so we got there at like 2:30 in the morning dropped in bed slept till 8:30 or so.. and then it was up at at 'er!

Wednesday was a pretty easy slack day in itself.. I don't think we did to much other than swing by Oma and say hi and visit there for a bit. Then in the afternoon I ran into Lethbridge with Janita to go buy a wedding gift and get John a suit from Moores.. At night it was family night at the Home and Garden Show.... and afterwards Evert treated us all to GREEN Dairy Queen Ice Cream Sundaes because he fooled us and showed up at the Home and Garden show after he made us think he wasn't coming! So Dad talked him into doing that for us! :)  So I guess I thought it was a slack day but after typing about it and thinking more it probably wasn't so slack after all.. LOL..  because the shopping trip in itself was a ton of fun.. it was Janita, Brittany and me because we sent John home as soon as he was done with his suit LOL :) Girls time or what eh?!

So I guess details on the shopping trip coming up LOL :) So after we did John's suit.. which didn't take to long anyway since we had a pretty good idea of what we wanted.. black pin strip and in the $200 range, that eliminates a lot right away.. and we found one that we really like so hey why ever not! So that taken care of then "well where shall we go now". It became a matter of well what is closest that we need to be at, and that was Walmart.. since I forgot my deodorant, what's new :( Then it turned into running around the store looking at the home decor stuff just because that is a ton of fun!! I found some pillows that I liked and decided maybe I would buy them, but nah figured I better not because I didnt' know if they were the right colors to match with the quilt that I have to make for the couch in the living room, and since that is what they were for I had better put them back.. then it was looking at cool pots and sticks that go into them for decor... nah better leave them there too.. and from there picture frames.. and mirrors etc etc... oh the joys! It was  a ton of fun forsure.. then we remembered.. oh ja it is Joel's bday next week maybe we should see if we can find him a present.. so off to the toys we went. But nope nothing cool enough for Joel there anyway.. so that was that.. enough of Walmart shopping! probably and hour later but hey it was fun, not every day I get to hang out with my sisters and do that!

Next it was off to the mall after all that was the misson for the day.. a wedding gift from Stokes! So of course you can't go to the mall just for a gift.. you have to check out the other stores that you love right?!! So into Ricki's first! :) I found something I really liked but hey since it is on the way out of the mall lets see what else I can find.. so then to Stokes.. bought our gifts! . Then off to Smart Set.. nah nothing cool there.. hmm where else.. oh ja better hit Timmie's in the mall! LOL :) On the way back out I had to stop in Ricki's again since I hadn't found anything else. and then the blouse All for a very good deal! :) Whoot!! I love sale time! Then time to quick run to Micheals and then home we go!

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