Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New Dryer!

Well after using an old dryer that we had gotten from some friends for nine months I decided that I'd had enough of using a dryer that took forever, and then you laundry still wouldn't be dry. So I told John that I wanted to use part of my pay check, and some wedding money that we still had to buy a new one that matched our washer. So last week Friday night was the big day... we had to go to the Tri-Cities to do groceries anyway, so we stopped in at Lowe's and found out that we could get the floor model delivered the very next day! SCORE!!! :)

So here is a picture of the end result

Ah finally a matching set.. gotta love the blue, except I'm sad that the color for the 2010 version wasn't last years blue color.. cause I like it a lot better LOL [:)] In the end I'm happy cause I have a dryer that works really good, finally! :)

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