Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Wedding Day: Shannon & Stefan

Well on Thursday morning I could get up bright and early and head over to Shannon's house to take pictures of her getting her hair done and getting dressed etc. As well as some other pictures. I posted several on my photography blog and will try post a few on here as well! So that you can enjoy some more of them...

They did the typical Dutch style wedding where you have all your close friends as "day guests". For those of you who aren't familiar with this, it simply means that you get to spend the whole day with the bride and groom. They don't have a bridal party, so their friends kinda hang out and have the fun with them, just like a bridal party would. It was a very neat experience and if I had to pick I would almost do it this way instead. That way you don't feel like you have to pick and then possibly leave someone out!

Anyway so church was in the afternoon just after lunch, in the morning after her hair was done I took a few pictures of them, and then off they went to Lethbridge for professional pictures. Then we saw them again at church, in the basement of the church before the service where all the "day guests" and family received the corsage/boutineer. Then we all got to sit right behind the family.. yup special people or what LOL :)

After church we went to the seniors home from our church Bethesda, which is right next door, and took family pictures and then several pictures with friends/group pics with them. Definitely a ton of fun! Anyway after pictures were all taken we needed something to do for about an hour or so, since we had some time before the reception, so we headed over to Gert & Dicky's place to relax for a while, and then off to Lethbridge for the reception in the Coast Hotel.

There was a dinner reception for the brothers and sisters as well as the "day guests". After which they had a regular reception for the rest of their relatives and friends. I actually hardly spent any time sitting, since being the offical photographer for the reception I definitely needed to make sure that I was kinda up and about taking pictures of things that were going on. Stefan's friends from Holland also did a skit with ballons numbered 1-10 and each one had a piece of paper with a note written on it about Shannon or Stefan.. all the odd's were Stefan's and all the even's Shannon's. They had to hand the ballons out to people in the room and then that person had to come to the front to read what the paper said.

Anyway so that was that.. home late because I kinda like to stay till they leave so that they have some pictures of themselves leaving and then that is that! My feet were super sore after wearing high heels all day and being up on them.. my toes felt like they couldn't handle me taking another step.. I really started to notice that as we were walking to the car :( Anyway I was a tired lady after all that work that day! But completely worth it.. I totally enjoyed myself!!

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