Monday, June 11, 2012

China Cabinet

So excited to finally be able to say that I have a china cabinet. I had a few boxes of china but nowhere to put them out so they were still in the box. 2 weekends ago we went to a local store and bought this super cute china cabinet, and last Saturday John finally went to pick it up. I absolutely love it and got out my china right away and put it in there, LOL :) This morning I got the wine/martini glasses out and put them in the cabinet. Now I just want John to get a board to cut and put it in the bottom part of the cupboard. There is more than enough space for a shelf in there and there isn't one so I figure because I can use the extra storage space I'm going to make sure I have another shelf put in! Anyway... enough rambling, here is a picture of the china cabinet. 

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