Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Baby's mind..

.. well as they say baby's tend to have a mind of their own, honestly I already knew that. Once you have your own baby though and have to care for the 24/7 you just find out how much that saying really means! Last night was a prime example of that saying. T decided that at 2:30ish she wanted to eat.. okay that's fine. Usually I feed her and put her back in bed within 1/2 hour and no big deal she sleeps for a few more hours. Well last night she decided that she didn't want to be sleeping when I put her down in her bassinet.. within 5 minutes she was having a fit, crying etc. So I picked her up thinking maybe she had a burp or something.. well, I tried burping her again.. nothing. Tried rocking her and humming since she really likes that and usually goes to sleep then.. nope she wanted nothing to do with rocking or humming. So fine we feed her some more, maybe she is still hungry.. so she eats some more. Then I went to lay down and feed her since I'm tired and figure maybe she'll go to sleep if we are laying down. Fat chance.. so I'm at my wits end. Finally I had John take her for a while. Well he had her for 1/2 hour and she wouldn't settle and was still wide awake. I ended up taking her again.. feeding her some more and she finally, yes FINALLY fell asleep.. after being up for somewhere between 2 1/2-3 hours. Needless to say, yes she had a mind of her own and poor mom!

Then off to work I went today, and because I was so tired what did I forget that it is Tuesday which means digital downloads.. so off I go to make another post with the link :)

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