Friday, April 29, 2011

Spring colds..

.. are not a whole lot of fun! I'm definitely finding out about that right now! Wednesday I had a tickle in my throat so I started taking "stuff" aka vit. C, Echinecea etc right way. Turns out apparently that didn't to me a whole lot of good because Thursday morning I woke up and debated about going to work or staying at home. In the end  I decided to go to work because after all sitting at home isn't going to make me feel any better, turns out I should have stayed at home because I was dragging myself around for everything. Finally at 2:00 I decided that enough was enough, I'd had it so I went home!

After sitting around for a little bit I decided that maybe I should go to bed for a while and see if that would help my headache. That was at about 4:00, I knew I was tired but not super tired... turns out I must have been so out of it I didn't even hear the garage open when John got home! You know you aren't feeling well at all when... that happens lol :)

Today I could have gone to work but decided that since it was Friday and all, and I'm still not feeling that great I was going to stay home and hopefully feel much better by the end of the day, seeing that it is John's birthday after all!

This morning when John got up I said Happy Birthday to him and then told him where he could find his present since I wasn't feeling up to getting out of bed to get it for him. I got him a GPS/Navigation System since I had no clue what else to get him and we will be spending some time on the road this summer! Hopefully it turns out to be something he likes/enjoys having! :) I don't know what it is with men but they are so hard to get gifts for! At least that is what I find... If you don't think so feel free to share some ideas for gifts, you never know when they might come in handy!

Now for the card, as of this moment it still hasn't been made, because that means I need to get motivated to get off of the couch and to do so. I was totally planning to have it made yesterday and put a hint in the card for him, telling him that if he wanted his present he should navigate his way downstairs. Hmm not so much when I wasn't feeling good though :( I'm kinda sad that I didn't get to do that because it would have been fun, but what can I say sometimes you are just to sick to even want to do fun things!

So now instead of procastinating I'm going to head off to make a card for him before he gets home this afternoon which is in about another hour, so I really need to scramble! I'll post pictures later!

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