Monday, May 10, 2010

I'm Unmotivated!

 Ok, so today of all days what have I done? Not to much other than sit on the couch.. cut out a bit of fabric for an apron, getting my hair trimmed,  finish reading the Courteous Cad, drink some tea..since I was almost falling asleep sitting on the couch, I mopped my floors(which really doesn't take that long) and that was about all. This all amounts to a large amount of UNMOTIVATION!

Now the question might be, why were you so unmotivated today? Well the reason for that is that today the weather has been rather bleary.. It has been cloudy all day and we have had a tiny bit of rain off and on all day! Also when the sun finally did come out it was short lived! It lasted for maybe a grand total of 1 hour if that!!!  Anyway so that is my excuse for the day.. and the reason I decided to blog.. I had to start with the Unmotivation post because that is what I am.. now on I go to post some other pictures!

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