Friday, January 29, 2010

Alberta Pics

So finally some pics.. it has taken me forever because I kept getting frusturated as I was trying to upload the pictures.. I couldn't seem to get them all uploaded the way I wanted and if I did then somehow I messed up and deleted half the post.. so that became work for another day. Which has become tonight, I've been relaxing on the couch just looking at photographers websites and decided that I totally needed to get my pictures up here :)

So first of all.. I couldn't believe it, but John decided that he was going to go outside and help my dad and brothers do some work. Quite truthfully I really think he was bored and just wanted to do something. So there he was bedding corrals.. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that LOL.. so I ran out there and carefully snapped some pics while he wasn't looking. It was a little bit of a challenge since the cows didn't really want to cooperate with me.. they started moving around and every time they would get in front of where John was standing. Finally I got a picture that turned out, and here it is!
Of course I can't resist taking pictures of my cute little brothers either. They were playing Dog, and obviously as you can see here Nathan was the puppy and Joel has to give him something to drink. The only problem with this puppy was that he kept getting out of his dog house!! oh oh.. and then Joel would come running to me again.. Lise the puppy is out of his pen and won't go in.. HELP ME! LOL.. so what did I do.. help him of course.. finally I told Nathan that he had to stay in because I could get up every two seconds to help Joel. LOL :) Good times.. it was so fun to see them playing like that! I love my little brothers to pieces!! :)
Well as you can see my hubby's helpfulness didn't end at bedding corrals... Milking time came along and Jared convinced John to go out to the barn with him and Evert to milk. Worth another picture?? Of course LOL.. the surprises just kept on coming! I couldn't believe it. This time he did notice though.. it is pretty hard not to after all since there is only one opening into the milking parlour.. :)  The only part that his wife was quite horrified at was that he was wearing his brand new button up shirt in the barn milking.. :O Later I told him.. what would you have done if you had gotten manure on it.. umm he didn't know.. I told him well he would have wrecked his shirt.. cause try to get that stain out of it.. LOL.. His answer?? Well it didn't happen so what did it matter. Typical!
Willard and Joel.. Story time :)
Of course where else did you expect to see this Canadian Girl!!! Tim Hortons not?!? yuppers.. I had to have my second dose since being in Canada.. the first one happened at the first timmies as soon as we were in the airport before we went "home" on New Years morning.. bright and early! This is on the day that I did a photoshoot of Leanna. Yes pictures are coming up of that as well! :)
Finally another picture of my favorite little boys!  I sewed "half" (or more, since it is debatable that way) of their pajama's and they were both so happy. I did everything on them but the binding. Which I would have done if the last Saturday there hadn't been so hectic! It seemed like I ran from the one place to the next all afternoon. Totally worth it though since I saw a bunch of my friends and finally got some catching up in! Good times! :)

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