Wednesday, July 30, 2008

General Session Day 3

OK, I know I am home now but I just want to post what happened on Day 3 for us! We first had classes in the morning... but they didn't start till 8:30 and smart people that we were we get out of bed at the same time as we did the other days?? Don't ask what was wrong with us... honestly our brains weren't functioning at this point anymore! :)  Then in the afternoon we had another main session on stage with Shelli and other Stampin' Up! staff!! Which was amazing.. at the end of the day we watched on of the commercials that someone had submitted and the UPS guy came and brought something.. and lo and behold what happens the door bell went in the convention centre and in walks... a UPS guy! Then Shelli told him that maybe she would be able to help him! On the box it said that is was for everyone! So well all got a Ronald McDonald stamp set! This was paid for by UPS!! YAY! Still can't get over that!

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