Tuesday, July 29, 2008

General Session Day 2

Well, after another long day here goes again! Today we first had general session in the morning with Shelli and she told us about some of the awesome new products they will be offering us, to help grow our businesses! They will be selling the Sizzex-Big Shot, cutting system to us with exclusive stampin up images etc.!! I can't wait to get mine... I know I am so ordering on but that is only because I won a prise today that I need it for!! They also showed us more but this is all I will say for now!
In the mean time I have almost finished packing and will be heading 1/2 way home tomorrow... LOL:) That is I will be spending the weekend at John's and flying home bright and early on Monday morning! I can't wait to share what I have learn't with my downline!! I am feeling slightly overwhelmed tonight and don't know how much more info I can get thrown at me!! I do have on more swap that I signed up for tomorrow but after that I am done!! YAY! Believe it or not my goal was to be done with general swapping this morning and YAY I made it!! I'm glad because that means the last few (which are only 6x6 pages will be easy to pack)
I can't get over how much I will be spending for convention!! Absoulutely way to much but in the end not to bad!! But for me it is after what I have learn't.. somethings just happen though! Anyway I am going to go to bed now!! Update on the rest may happen tomorrow if I have time otherwise it will be when I get home!!

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