Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Working on my tan/burn already..

LOL :) Yuppers Albertans time to start getting jealous.. actually after spending 6 hours in the sun yesterday and having a slight burn I decided that I had better wear a cap today so that at least some of my face wouldn't burn up really bad..  This way at least I will get a nice tan.. whoot!!

Definitely have got a bit of a red nose though.. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer ring a bell??! LOL! ;)  Oh well good times.. cause I don't think I've every started on my tan this early in the year.. I think my arms have got a good start as well!


  1. SICK!! thats not fair. I think I have to come live there:P not.

  2. nahnah.. why not it is a nice place to live?? hehe.. but I agree nothing beats good ole' AB!!!

  3. no kidding;) but just the thought!! it would be fun:)


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