Thursday, May 19, 2011

Name game - Just for fun :)

Well obviously everyone has a name, whether we like the name we got of not, it is what it is :) But I'm sure some people would love to change their name. Regardless of what you think about your name why don't you play this fun little "game" and see what your name would be if you were born in 2010, and not in whatever year you were actually born.

So for me, the original spelling of my name was Elise, and my parents changed it to Alise, because they thought it would be easier to pronounce. (turns out it doesn't work that way but that is ok)... Anyway so I went with the original spelling because in the top 1000 names it doesn't show up spelled the way my name is spelled. So I would have been #235.

Now if I go and look at the 2010 list of names my name would have been Alayna.

Now I did my hubby's name, and John is #10 in the year he was born, now if he had been born in 2010 and had the #10 name of the year he would be named Anthony. I think I'll stick with John then lol :)

Anyway so have some fun and check out this website and let me know in the comments section below what your name is, what # it ranks in the year you were born, and what it would be if you were a 2010 baby :)

Here is the Website

I can't wait to see all the different names :)


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